Support the Tucson Tome Gnome!

Friends, Tucson Tome Gnome has some exciting news! We now have a GoFundMe page to help support our work in bringing random bookish joy to our friends and neighbors in the Tucson community! We’ve had so many people reach out and ask about how they can support us, and we’re excited to share that this is now (truly) a community effort.

Some facts about what it takes to run TTG: The average cost for each book is around $16 (we only buy from local indie bookstores!), making our monthly costs for 30 books approximately $480. Multiply this by the remaining months in 2022 (February – December), and this adds up to a little over $5K. Thus, our goal for this GoFundMe is to see if the community can come together to help fund the cost of the hidden books for the remainder of 2022.

Why this? Why books? Escaping into beautiful stories is one of the ways we have survived these past few years – and we wanted others to have that experience as well. Also, it’s just nice to put some random kindness into the world during a time that has otherwise been challenging.

So there it is. We’re not sure where this is all going, but we love doing it. So if you think it’s kind of cool, we’d love to have you support us with a donation to our GoFundMe.

Thank you so much for your investment in us and in the Tucson community!

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