Image shows a cartoon gnome in the desert


Tucson Tome Gnome strives to bolster a culture and community that is united in the joy of reading by providing free books to inspire literacy, reading, happiness, and kindness throughout Tucson, Arizona.

Hi! I’m the Tucson Tome Gnome!

Wowza! I’m so excited to share my love of tomes with you. You might find one of my tomes hidden around town. If you find one, please read it, enjoy it, and leave it somewhere fun for the next person to discover.

Don’t forget to snap a photo and share it with me on Instagram (@tucsontomegnome), or send an email to tucsontomegnome@gmail.com. I love to hear about the found tomes!

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I Love:

Long walks in the desert

Reading Tomes

Hiding & Sharing Tomes

Exploring Tucson

Meet the Tome Gnome’s Helpers!

Mary Ellen Flynn has called Tucson home for 12 years and has had a varied career, including as a front desk manager and auditor at hotels on Cape Cod, as an entrepreneur running a medical billing company, as a Jill-of-all-trades at the San Francisco Chronicle, and (most recently) as a Project Manager at the University of Arizona. Now she loves spending time with her family and reading to the little ones in her life. She is the resident cookie baker and voice of the gnome, supplying the gnome’s helpers with baked goods and “gnomisms” that fuel Tome Gnome planning sessions. 

Jody Hardy has called Tucson home for the past 12 years and has dedicated her life to books and authors as a local bookseller and volunteer with the Tucson Festival of Books. Jody is currently the manager at Mostly Books and is an expert at helping people find their new favorite reads. She is also the resident book suggester, always knowing which books the Tucson Tome Gnome should consider hiding and sharing with the community. 

Emily Walsh has called Tucson home for the past 10 years and is a nonprofit and higher education operations professional. She is also a volunteer with the Tucson Festival of Books and serves on the Development Council for the UA Poetry Center. Emily loves giving back to the community and growing Tucson as a bookish town. She is the resident strategist and social media/website manager for the gnome (figuring it out as she goes!). Emily was also the instigator behind bringing the Tucson Tome Gnome to life.