Frequently Asked Questions

I love what you’re doing and want to support it! How can I help?

That is great – thank you so much for wanting to support our efforts! The best way to support the Tome Gnome is to make a donation via our giving page. If you don’t want to make a gift online, but would still like to support our work and have another idea about how to do that, please email us at

I’m an author/publisher – can you share/hide my book?

As we mention on our Events & Collaboration page, if you are an author or publisher who would like to collaborate with the Tome Gnome to give away copies of your book, please reach out! Note: We currently focus on books featuring inclusive stories by diverse authors. Also, at this time we are not seeking self-published books.

I have used books I need to get rid of – can I give them to you (or send them to you) to share?

Unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to handle the curation, storage, and distribution of used books. However, we love that you want to share your books! BOOK SHARING IS FOR EVERYONE! Please consider donating your gently used books to your local “friends of the library” organization (in Tucson, this is the Friends of the Pima County Public Library), or share your used books with your community by distributing them to Little Free Libraries (and you might even find a new book to read in the process!).

How can I find a book during the monthly book-hiding?

If you want to find a book during our monthly book-hiding scavenger hunt, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. On the “day of,” we will post hint photos of the 30 locations where we hide books. If you are savy, you might see one at a location you know! Want to know when we’re hiding books? Again, we’ll announce our dates the week before (and the days leading up to it…), and we post updates on our Events & Collaboration page as well.

I missed finding a book – can I still get one from you?

If you missed finding a book on the day of the bookish scavenger hunt, fear not! Starting in 2023, we now hide an additional 15 books every month around our community (but… there are no hint photos for these books, as they are truly meant to serve as a random act of bookish kindness). So, keep your eyes peeled, and you might find one! And if you don’t find a book, don’t forget that you can probably get it from your local library! Here in Pima County, we are HUGE fans of our awesome Pima County Public Library system ❤

I want to collaborate with or host an event with the Tome Gnome – how can I make that happen?

We love collaborating and being part of events with local businesses and organizations (especially those who love books!). If you’re interested in hosting an event that includes hidden surprise books for your attendees — or if you’re interested in sponsoring one (or more?) of the Tome Gnome’s monthly book hiding adventures in Tucson — we would love to talk to you! Send us an email and we’re happy to brainstorm:

Please note: The Tucson Tome Gnome likes to support non-white and LGBTQIA+ authors and perspectives. When partnering with us on an event, we ask that 50-75% of the books hidden/selected for the event represent non-white or LGBTQIA+ authors. Thank you for supporting diverse reading!

I want to start a Tome Gnome in my own city – how can I do this?

At this time, we do not yet have the staffing or bandwidth to expand into other cities (running the Tome Gnome in one city is A LOT of work – more than you might imagine), but this is hopefully part of our long-term vision! Honestly, we love that people are excited to share books (and bookish joy) with their communities, so don’t let that stop you from sharing books with your friends and neighbors. As we mentioned, one easy way to do this is to help “seed” books throughout your community’s Little Free Libraries. Or, partner with a local business to host a reading/book-sharing event! We strongly believe that the world will be a better place if more people brought a little joy and kindness (especially bookish joy and kindness!) to their communities.

But (small caveat): If you decide to share books in your community, please don’t call yourself a “Tome Gnome” (we have applied for ownership of that trademark and tradename!). It is very important to us that books shared under our brand and name align with our values of promoting inclusivity and diversity. Thank you for understanding!

I have another question that isn’t answered here – how can I reach you?

Do you have another question that isn’t listed here? Send us an email – we love hearing from folks! You can reach us at