TODAY – Streaming on “The Boost” Tomorrow Morning (May 4)!

Friends… If there was ever a good Wowza Wednesday post, this might be it. So… do you remember that back in March, we kept talking about how special our March book hiding of OUT THERE by Kate Folk was? Well, not only did we hide a phenomenal book (which itself is special!), but we also filmed a piece for the TODAY Show (yes, that TODAY Show!)!!!

This has been such an insanely hard secret to keep all these weeks! On March 19, we were joined by a producer and crew from the TODAY Show, who flew to Tucson to interview us early that morning and then followed us around as we hid books (all of their equipment might have been glitter-bombed by the end of the day, HAHAHA). They even chatted with a few of you (who are also amazing secret keepers, btw). Huge shoutouts of gratitude to

And tomorrow morning, after all these weeks, the piece will make its way into the world! It’s set to stream on TODAY ALL DAY, and will be included in @hodakotb’s “Morning Boost” streaming show at 9:30am EST tomorrow, May 4. We can’t believe this is really happening!

We haven’t seen the piece yet, so we don’t know what’s in or what might have been edited out, but regardless of all of that, we know that none of this would have ever happened were it not for all of you and our amazing bookish community. We are so happy we get to share book-joy with you every day.

So, if you need yet ANOTHER reason to join us at our event at Borderlands tomorrow night, we hope that you’ll come out and help us celebrate our national media debut! Of course, more info will come tomorrow 😊 But in the meantime… AHHHH!

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