“Someday the Plan of a Town” by Todd Boss

About the book, from W.W. Norton:

“In 2018, reeling from marital, parental, and societal losses, acclaimed poet Todd Boss risked everything to be at one with the world. Boss sold his belongings and began to circle the globe in a series of consecutive housesits. He alternately inhabited thatched-roof farmhouses, hillside estates, urban apartments, and lush gardens in Berlin, Barcelona, Austin, Austria, Marrakesh, Singapore, Baltimore, Auckland, and more. The poems in Someday the Plan of a Town are his only souvenirs.

Written under the influence of long walks along the Thames and the Pacific, of mornings at farmers’ markets, train stations, and mountaintop basilicas, Someday the Plan of a Town conjures Spanish dust, English rain, French moss, Arizona cliffs, and Hungarian light, ringing all the while with timeless humor and wisdom. At the same time, these poems concern the most domestic of matters—personal grief and familial estrangement, reflections on a changing nation, and a journey of self-discovery that offers a new meaning of home.

As much a commentary on modern-day America as a personal history replete with grief, Someday the Plan of a Town is a sensual, intellectual, and arrestingly musical map of one nomadic troubadour’s journey to self.”

About the Author, Todd Boss:

“Todd Boss (b. 1968) is an Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated American producer, writer, and innovator whose creative practice involves product development, literature, film, lyrics, public art, theater, and programmatic initiatives that often evolve into patents, companies, and nationwide activations. 

His vision is to make the world more poetic. His non-traditional projects exhibit elegance of expression, simplicity of execution, accessibility, and multimedia collaborations.

His work often involves the development of platforms that invite collaborations, including a cross-disciplinary film companyan augmented-reality app, and a 100-college playwriting residency network.

Why I selected Someday the Plan of a Town for the April 2023 Giveaway:

  • It’s National Poetry Month, and this collection of poems includes something for everyone! There is no better month to share poetry 🙂
  • This gnome knows that poetry can sometimes seem inaccessible to folks, and this collection is very accessible – showing that poetry is for everyone!
  • I honestly love the premise and inspiration behind this collection. Although rooted in significant and challenging life changes for its author, I love the idea of poems inspired by world travels (I might harbor a secret dream of house-sitting my way around the world… so this concept really resonated with me!)
  • This month’s tome-hiding is made possible through a collaboration with the UA Poetry Center, which is also hosting Todd Boss in Tucson in May! Thank you, UA Poetry Center!
  • We hope you’ll join us on May 21 at 4:30pm for the Poetry Center’s Summer Social featuring Todd Boss and composer Jake Runestad in conversation. They will be speaking about their process of working together to create their award-winning music (did you know their piece, “Earth Symphony,” won a 2022 EMMY in the category of musical composition?!?!). We hope to see you there!

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