Something Fun is Coming, Tucson!

Tucson Tome Gnome Bookmarks – Coming Soon!

Something fun is coming! My favorite part of creating a bookish community is sharing books that I love with others. In this spirit, I will soon be giving away some of my tomes around town, and I hope that you will find one! The first tome I’ve selected will be shared in September and it features one of my favorite gnomes. Each book that I leave around town will include a bookmark and a sticker, so you know you can take it if you find it. My tomes will also be wrapped in ribbon and you might find them on benches, by trees, near libraries, in your favorite park… all around town!

Tucson Tome Gnome Book Sticker

If you want hints about where my books might be, please come follow me on Instagram, where I will share photos of my favorite places around town as well as possible book drop locations. If you want to be a part of my online bookish community, please tag me on Instagram when you find one of my tomes!

I’ve also been out exploring Tucson and looking for fun places to leave my tomes. If you have suggestions for where I should hide a tome, please leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

Happy book hunting!

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