Hello Tucson!

Sunset at Himmel Park
Tucson, Arizona

Hi Friends! I’m the Tucson Tome Gnome, and I love tomes – reading them, hiding them, and sharing them! My favorite past time is encouraging reading and sparking joy in the endearingly unique hearts of the Tucson community. Perhaps one day you’ll discover one of my tomes out and about in the world – which I hope you do! And when you find one, I hope you read it, enjoy it, and leave it somewhere fun for the next person to discover.

Curious to know what I’m up to? Stay up-to-date on my gnome mischief by following me on Instagram (@tucsontomegnome). You can also read more about the tomes I’ve shared by subscribing to my blog using the form below.

Image shows a cartoon gnome in the desert
Tucson Tome Gnome

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