Nineteenth Tome Giveaway

Wowza! During this nineteenth Tome Giveaway, I had a FABULOUS day hiding tomes all over Tucson. I hid 30 copies of Out There by Kate Folk throughout the day – all at women-owned, run, designed, decorated, founded, and painted locations.  Friends, I’m still surprised that this is the first time I’ve hidden a short story collection! I hope you enjoy this strange, uncanny, slightly weird, and amazingly written collection of stories. I couldn’t imagine hiding a better book for Women’s History Month. If you’re anything like me, these stories will stick with you. Some of the photos from my adventures last weekend are included below – and in the collage above.

As a reminder, I am now hiding an additional 15 books of each month’s selection (on top of the 30) around Tucson after the book-hiding weekend. I will not be posting any hint photos of these books – these books are truly meant to be a random act of kindness for those who happen upon them. Yay for random bookish joy and delight! So keep your eyes peeled – you still might find a copy of this lovely tome around town!

Onward to April! We’ll be hiding books again in a few weeks, so don’t forget to keep a lookout here, on Instagram, and on our Facebook page for updates. And our usual note applies: don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and follow me on social media to be the first to know about upcoming book giveaways!

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