Seventh Tome Giveaway: March 13, 2022

Wowza! During this seventh Tome Giveaway, I had a great day traversing the city AND running around the Tucson Festival of Books (my favorite local bookish event of the year!). I ended up hiding 15 tomes around the festival and 15 tomes around town. Some photos from my adventure last weekend are included in the collage above. This time, we also had the benefit of having the editor/contributor (Jessica Pryde) sign all of the books with some delightful messages!!!

I hope you love reading the essays included in Black Love Matters (edited by Jessica Pryde), as much as I did!

April will be upon us soon and we have TWO exciting book-sharing events coming up next month, so keep your eyes peeled here and on Instagram for updates soon! So, on that note, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram to be the first to know about upcoming book giveaways 🙂

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