Thank you for the love, KGUN9!

This gnome has more exciting news to share! Earlier this week (March 8), Tucson Tome Gnome was featured in KGUN9 in a wonderful story from reporter Megan Meier. You can watch the news story here!

The gnome’s helpers met with Megan a week earlier to chat about all things books, Tucson, and the joy of hiding tomes around town and sharing surprise bookish kindness with our friends and neighbors 🙂

We met Megan at Himmel Park, which was where we hid our first-ever book back in September 2021 (it was a copy of TJ Klune’s The House in the Cerulean Sea!). We had such a great time chatting with her! We even had a chance to hide a few “bonus” books around the park.

Hilariously, while we were hiding some books with Megan, a fellow-park-goer stopped us and asked if we were the “book gnomes”! He proceeded to tell us about how he and his wife had found one of our books a few weeks earlier on campus at the U of A (at the Bear Down sign near the main library). The book (The Night Circus) had been on her TBR list, and she had been reading it every night since finding it. It was wonderfully serendipitous! Megan was able to chat with him about the experience of finding a book, which made the interview even more special. It was the first time we’d met someone (randomly, out in the community) who had found one of the gnome’s tomes. It was SO FUN!

Anyway, please watch the story (it’s also posted on KGUN9’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages), and give it some love. Also, we’re tickled that this gnome also shared a web presence (albeit briefly) with news about the First Lady’s visit to Tucson 🙂

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